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Like all of you I was ripped off. SCAM, DO NOT USE THEM, they are not qualified to write effective federal resumes.

I've applied to countless jobs with federal resumes they've developed, NO interviews. These people troll the internet looking for negative ads and say, wow, must be fate that I happened upon your question. Yeah right! Their IT people are more qualified than their resume writers!

The Resume Place does not promise anything from using their services.

Read the fine print! DON'T sign their contract, its one sided and favors only them and you cannot complain or get your money back.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Harvest, Alabama, United States #718911

Resume place and famous Kathryn Troutman are nothing but a joke. i was given a run around , been put down , made fun of my disability , ignored , promised a resume for 100 days , promised a refund for two weeks .

kathryn merits to get served but im not such evil.

I have email traffic with her that i will gladly share if it means that she will no longer be able to treat people like trash , talk to them like dogs and take advantage of them.

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